Hey kids! I am the guy you see in our telegram AMAs. I am also one of the guys who read all your creative sci-fi stories! At Kids Ask Network (sounds cool, eh? 😎 ) I ask questions on Mango Education’s behalf, code awesome stuff like this site, pick silly fights with the rest of the gang at Mango. This page was initially intended to be a demo page, and I’m supposed to delete it!Β πŸ€”

Anyways, if you need help finishing a boss battle in a game, or a good video game suggestion for the upcoming Steam Sale, I am your guy! Oh! I can also help you with your questions about physics and airplanesΒ β€” with funny analogies and lots of thought experiments. Ask away whatever you want! But no homework requests, please.

Use the discussion section below to ask questions. Will be open forever!


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    WriteDeCode ButDontUseC

    I have a question, how exactly do you do pretty much everything in the world πŸ€”?
    You are an engineer, you know a lot of science, you know a lot of programming(and btw php IS very cruel)
    You also do a lot more things… How do you do ALL of this?

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      Ha ha! I just learn stuff that I find interesting and amusing. Watching documentaries (especially, Cosmos) when I was a kid got me into science! I still learn a lot every day, thanks to the internet. πŸ™‚ Engineering just reinforced the science and showed me how to apply it to things in real life. And to be an engineer who should often do that, programming is one of the essential things – to do math and computer based stuff like CFD analysis.

      Exploring and learning new stuff is fun! I’m just doing that, Venkat! πŸ™‚

      – PHP is cruel – This is just a biased comment I put in the source for fun! It’s actually a good language with a great community! I’m just a Python guy making some funny remarks about its quirks. Don’t mind me! πŸ˜‰


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